What Gives you Joy?

Sometimes it is the little things, you know? I have had a lot going on in my life lately but today, my body seemed to say, “enough!”

Some elements of my day: getting up really early to go to the car shop to get a spare key made. How many of you go to a car shop at 7 am in snow with a slippery road? Great service in speedy amount of time, just enough to grab a cup of coffee to go!

Next, I make a quick stop at the credit union to get a draft to send to a business. I can just pop in and get it, right? Wrong. Only the drive through was open so early which made necessary fiddling with cards on my lap to get the right one and using my wallet to write the signature on. Nice lady teller, but her spelling of the receiver of the draft was incorrect…so we corrected that. Sign the card and lick the envelope. Checking the address on phone Google. Whoops. Called out by mistake. Sorry, honey. I’ll talk to you more when I get home.

Next is the gym to get my membership updated, but of course, this was a new plan we are on, so the paperwork hadn’t gone through. Would you please email or call the company that gave you the plan so you can get enrolled? Sure. Add to list.

Then, we had an appointment at the docs for a follow-up. Yes, it includes the scale and yes, I know it is a bit vain, but I don’t like that machine. Especially in the winter with all the extra clothes on me. I have been weight-watching, but still fighting to lose. Never ending battle, I believe.And the fun mammogram all ladies need, but I would imagine, few would say they enjoy. It would be a month or so to get results, but could be earlier. Learning by experience to set more boundaries for use of my time. Wait to say, “yes”. Add to list.

Then came a business zoom with a lovely lady who has so many great ideas. A lot of brain-picking, thoughtful sharing , planning. I go away energized with new thoughts for our prayer group meeting in January. But my brain was calling for a rest. Time out, please.

Whew! I went online to do my yoga with a lot of good stretching and strengthening that my body did and did not want to do. My amazing yogi understands and , as the loving person that she is, shares a few stories of family and friends and an upcoming musical. Yes, it felt good, but my arthritic knee (the other one replaced with metal already) let me know that it didn’t appreciate all the balancing on one leg. Add to list.

Next came my physical therapy with who I thought would be someone I had worked with before… he knew me so it would be easier, not starting from the beginning… but learned he would be changing to a different health care system before I finished my therapy, as another therapist explained. So, would I like to just switch to a new person now? Sure. As it turns out, she works with my husband for his pt, and does really well for him!

Now, there is just enough time to get home to go to a prayer meeting on zoom with another group from across the state. First ever combined meeting. Cool. All went well overall, lots of shares about Scriptures discussed. But, I may need to send zoom address to group member… add to list.

Look at the clock. Dangerous move. I have 30 minutes to sit. Might I fall asleep? Nope. Just enough time to check late expected emails. Quickly review the syllabus for an upcoming prayer class and see a very intense required movie about bi-polar disorder. Wow. Such respect for parents and children having to go through all this. Need to take notes. Add to list

I breathe.

And take a few minutes to look at some pictures my husband took of me and my dog at “de-stress” days at our neighboring university to help students de-stress during finals. Hmm. It looks like the most stressed one is me. Three dogs there, Rascal the smallest and oldest and can’t see so well. But he won the hearts of the students and faculty, as always. Me the frazzled one.

I start to laugh. Uncontrollably laugh. Out loud laugh. Gulp in air, take a deep breath, breathe. And repeat. Again. Bubbling laughter spills out. In one picture I hold, Rascal and the student both smile and stare up at me.  The woman I see is frizzy, funny, a bit overwhelmed with details of life and uncertainty of what might happen next, but she, I, feel totally glad to me just where I was…I wasn’t in control. Just like now. None of us are totally in control of life. Life happens.

One more prayer group online that day…still bubbling but holding in giddiness and laughter. The quiet prayer group was wonderful. Peaceful and I could feel the relaxation washing over me. God provides. Laughter, rest, experiences that test us and hug us close with love.

Writing and calling. Amazon orders not arriving, texts to answer. It would all get done.

Why all these things in a story about Joy? Because it is so necessary to remember that Joy is being in community of life. God is present and we can be present with gratitude as well. Glad to just be alive and in the flow of life.

This Christmas, this day, this moment, touch the moment that has a hidden Joy. Live it. Enjoy just being alive and smile with Love to the God who loved you enough to create you to be uniquely you that is so necessary to our lives. Radiate joy. Enough sadness exists. Breathe.

What gives me Joy? Freedom to give control to God. Live it fully in God.

© 2022 Bonnie L Smith-Davis