I Believe

Be aware of God's love today

Open your eyes a little wider, please.  What do you believe you will see with your eyes wide open? I believe that healing process of Light penetrates the eyes, and you can see more… but what is it that you wish to see in the busy-ness and planning of what is to come.

Do old songs ever get into your head? Your heart? I believe the healing Spirit puts them there for a reason.

Also, I believe that what I intend to perceive is what I will see. I must be open. God knocks at the door; I must open the door to let the Light in.  Yesterday the Spirit touched my heart and stopped my “busy” plan cold with radiant, sweet lines of the old song “I Believe,” slowly ungunking my sight with its message…

“I believe for every drop of rain that falls…”

What is on your to-do list for today?  “Where are you going, honey?” These questions are answered in myriads of ways…lists of to dos. Check off one, go to another… Little Rascal stands. He just doesn’t understand why the list doesn’t seem to include him.

“A flower grows…”

I sit, looking down at the phone in hand, answering yet another text message from a friend while sweet puppy Rascal wags and quietly stares in my direction peeking around the Christmas tree asking with big brown eyes… What is so important to you? Pet me. Please.

“I believe that somewhere in the darkest night…”

Slightly irritated at Rascal, but more at myself, I get up and pad in my muk-luk socks down the hall toward my room, I peek in to see the computer light shine on my husband’s glasses as he works on another project in his room busily involved in family finances … Looking beyond him, I see through the darkness… fresh fallen snow. Christmas week.

“A candle glows…”

Turning the corner into our family room, I sigh at stacks of books and files that are left over from a conference I just returned from a week or so ago. Projects seem endless and reports to write, but where is the time to share the candlelight glow of a warm fire with a loved one? Pet the puppy? Extravagant use of time, right?

“I believe for everyone that goes astray.”

Digging down into my pile of books, I find the one I was looking for to handle a business issue that has come up and move down the hall toward my study, when a glint of light flashing off the brass light at my piano calls me over.

“Someone will come to show the way…”

My eyes are drawn to the light which fell on a song that I was practicing for upcoming meeting. I stop in my tracks, entranced by the title…” I Believe…” I make my way around the piano and continue reading the words…my hands are drawn up to the keyboard and I start playing and singing the words dear to my heart.

“Then I know why…”

The busyness of the day fades away, and I smile as I hear Rascal jump into a nearby chair and cock his head toward the piano. My heart radiantly fills up with the Holy Spirit who once again gently taps me on the shoulder and encompasses me with a loving warm embrace. Rascal sniffs the book which sits quietly on the table beside him and loses interest as the sounds flow into him. Rascal is next. The report can wait awhile.

“I believe…”

Jesus lives on, in, and through us, God’s Will is continuing to manifest now and will forevermore.

How is the Holy Spirit tapping you on your shoulder today? How are you seeing the world today?

I Believe – The Bachelors – 1964

Writers: Al Stillman, Ervin M Drake, Irwin Graham, Jimmy Shirl